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Foot Care Health Service.
In your own home.  
Niagara region, and surrounding areas.
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Mobile Foot Care RN Service

Serving the Niagara region  

Evidence Based Nursing Care

Cost-effective care

Fee Claimable

Basic and Advanced Foot Care.  Including Diabetic foot care.  All ages welcome.

  • Includes Assessments

  • Basic, and Advanced Foot Care

  • Foot pain. Any foot issues

  • Diabetic Foot Care, including Diabetic re-assessments.

  • Regular follow-up care, on average every two months, it takes two months for toe nails to grow back, far slower than finger nails.

  • Referrals when required.

  • Always seek foot care via  Qualified, Foot Health Care Professionals; Foot Nurses, Podiatrists or Chiropodists, for safe, quality, and effective care. Sterile tools used. We are regulated, Foot Health care trained Professionals, and Patient safety always comes first.  

  • We charge as we have to when driving to peoples homes, gas is not cheap. 

  • Fee claimable service.  No tax added.

On booking:  A pre-screening is conducted to ensure safety to myself and to others.  

Mask to be worn for service duration. 

A covid waiver form is to be read and signed on first visit, as well as a consent form. 

Do not book an appointment if you have symptoms, are in isolation, or have been put at risk of covid.  Instead inform public health and self isolate for 14 days and wait until cleared by public health before booking an appointment.

As an essential service, and urgent care, to those I visit in their own homes, PPE is worn from at the door until I leave. Strictly 1 to 1 care, only with infection control practices in place, as always and as required.  A

Mask is to be worn for duration of service. 

Sterile tools are used.  Best practice guidelines are followed for patient safety.

Foot Care provided to Seniors, the Disabled, arthritis, and anyone who can't reach their own toes.

Includes Nail trimming


Additional Finger Nail trimming with service is optional.

Anti-embolism TED stockings sized and fitted, serve to prevent blood clots for those who are less mobile and therefore of higher risk; there are some conditions that we do not apply them as it would be dangerous to do so. e.g. Peripheral Arterial Disease.


Service Provider is a Veterans affairs, Blue Cross, Green Shield recognised Provider.

Unfortunately Foot Specialists: Foot Nurses, and Foot Doctor Podiatrists, and Chiropodists are not OHIP covered.   Fees may change accordingly every 2-3 years effective as of 2021, When necessary.

Always seek a foot specialist for safe Foot Health care.  No one else is allowed to do advanced foot care, and are not Health care professionals, or trained in Foot care.

High quality, high standard, individualized care, and evidence based practice from a Registered Nurse.  I work with the patient, and include them in their care.  

It is best to self book. During work hours messages are picked up at the end of the working day to avoid affecting visits.  Contact to enquire
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