About the service provider:

Suzanne Ovenden RN has been Nursing since 2002.  Originally from the South of England, U.K.

She attended Oxford Brookes University and graduated with a BSc/HONS degree in Adult Nursing.  She trained at the John Radcliffe hospital and Radcliffe NHS Hospitals all around Oxford, and in the community settings as well.

She is registered with the NMC (U.K).

She is registered with CNO in Ontario, and previously with CRNBC in BC.  She has Nursed in Canada since February 2007.

Suzanne has worked in both hospital and community settings in BC, as well as the U.K, and also in Toronto before moving to the Niagara region.

With a Miliatary background, Suzanne grew up with the Royal Air Force, and then later served for nine years duration full time regular service as a Personnel Administrator and a touch typing speed of 54 wpm, she also made some long-term friends.  

After life in the forces, she pursued her long term goal of becoming a Registered Nurse, and had initially intended to rejoin as a Nursing Officer but her other interest was Canada, where she now resides.  A love of the outdoors and a sporty lifestyle drew her here, as well as the fact Nursing is very similar here to the U.K.

With an extensive background in a wide variety of clinical settings, including specialised settings since University where she was trained to very high standards, which was Nationally recognised as such, she never had any issues applying for and getting every Nursing job she applied for in England, and due to her hard work and thorough training in varied placements in hospital and the community, Suzanne found she loved working in varied clinical settings after graduating from University so tended to work full time in the acute sector of a London NHS hospital but would also do extra shifts for agencies around the South of England in different hospitals, public and Private, as well as in community settings such as residential and Nursing homes, as well as the occasional doctors clinic. She has successfully advocated for many patients in order to help them get their needs met.   

Due to Suzanne's varied experience in clinical settings and a sound knowledge base, she brings that with her to her daily practice with the Seniors and Disabled patients she serves in their own homes.

Suzanne attends Foot care conferences annually, and ongoing educational webinars with other Health care professionals from the Multi-disciplinary team,and other Foot Specialists locally and internationally in order to keep up to date, to ensure safe and effective care to her patients ongoing. She also keeps up to date via online research, Pubmed, Cochrane library, and Athens was a favourite of hers since University days.

Suzanne is subscribed to a Nursing journal in the U.K where she keeps up to date with ongoing education and learning, as well as Diabetes (U.K), also for ongoing learning.  She also keeps up to date via Diabetes.ca and attends their foot related conferences as well.

She also networks with local Health care professionals within the multi-disciplinary team, in order to help refer her patients to them when necessary on identifying issues in order to help her patients have their needs met.

In Canada she initially worked in Vancouver, BC, as well as on the North Shore, in the acute sector of a hospital, and later worked in the community in home care, palliative care and hospices, but lived on the North Shore as she loved the mountains, hiking and skiing, though swimming was always her main sport having competed since age 10 until she left the Forces in 1997.

She has lived in Ontario since 2011, and visited the Niagara region often before moving here.  On deciding to start her own home care business, she had a call for foot care and as a result decided to do the training for that, and has done mostly Foot care ever since.

Suzanne will be starting her MSc in Diabetes care via the University of Warwick later this year, 10 hours study a week online in her own time, mainly at weekends, for two years. On completion she will be a Diabetic Specialist as well.

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