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Covid 19 Urgent Care. Essential services.

Foot care Nursing services is under a category of 'Personal care' in residential or long term care homes in Canada, we are Health care professionals it is health care, we are still to provide foot care health care to any of our patients in residential or long term care homes and have a duty to do so, including to do our follow up care, we do not do manicures, we are not to be compared to hairdressers, or a nail spa.  We are a Health Care Service. An essential Caregiver, we are to be faciitated in when it is urgent care in residential or long term care homes. 

I do not go where there is an outbreak when someone is in self isolation for 14 days.  We always follow public health infection control practices. IPAC.  

I have asymptomatic covid tests weekly to biweekly, to keep myself and others safe.

In lockdown we come under urgent care for diabetic foot care, so if someone has an ingrown nail that could lead to infection, or if they have neuropathy, or are on anticoagulants where no foot care and a nail growing long could potentially cut their skin and cause them to bleed continuously.  The list is not endless but those are examples.  We, Foot Care Nurses still need to check our patients at follow up due to their health condition, and to check no new issues to their health have occurred.

As a Foot Care Nursing Service, Essential Services, and Urgent care, we should never be barred from entry to long term or residential  homes to do follow up foot care.  To do so, means the DOC of that home is to assume all responsibility for that patients care, when I am prevented from providing a follow up health care service to one of my patients.  

There are implications if harm occurs to a patient as a result of neglect.  By providing follow up care to repeat foot care patients, I am preventing harm.

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We are holistic as Nurses we don't just treat a bodily part, but the well-being or our patients too.  Referrals are always made when necessary.