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  • Home Visit Nursing

  • Short-term services:

  • I do not provide a live-in service.

  • I do not provide transport services.  

  • I am licensed to Nurse in Ontario, Canada, and in the U.K only. 

Health Education and Promotion:

As a nurse, one of my roles is to educate and promote good health.  On here, from time to time I will post articles related to my Nursing role in the community.  

When in doubt check it out:  We are all responsible for our own health, which includes knowing when you need to turn and ask for help.  Contact your doctor for any health related problem, or on noticing anything new on your body no matter how small it is or minor you or anyone thinks it is.  No one knows how minor it really is until it is properly checked by your Doctor.  If you don't have a doctor contact a walk in clinic,  Virtual care is available too with many doctors clinics by phone or online.

 Or contact a foot specialist:  Foot Nurse, Podiatrist or Chiropodist for any foot concerns, whether it is foot pain, a swelling, or any kind of nail or foot problem, in order to obtain routine, ongoing foot assessments, nail and foot treatment and care, and referrals when required.   Remember prevention is always better than cure and is less costly to you, and to the economy in the long term.

TED stockings. Knee length. Measured to size during foot care, and available to those who need them.  That's those with varicose veins, spider veins, immobility, aching tired legs. Not to be used if you have Peripheral Artery Disease For more information on TED stockings: