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Privacy Statement.

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Appointment booking and storing of your minimal personal information:  Used the purpose of booking appointments and for taking credit card payments, done on 'Square' via this website, which secure and encrypted and is demonstrated whenever you click 'booking an appointment'.   Found on the home page - Foot care; The Visit Nursing page;  and on the 'Booking an appointment' page.  

Also, booking appointments occurs via messaging the owner of Supernurse Private Duty RN, or directly on this website when opting to book that way instead.  Both square, and this website are secure websites, that encrypt your information on transmitting.  You will know if a site is secure by the 'https' status, and not a http status at the top  of the page on the website address bar.  The 's' after the http is telling you it is a secure website.

Your credit card details:  At the time of payment only in person, and directly after service is provided for that appointment, it is not stored unless you choose it to be.  Your consent is always requested beforehand in both instances at the time of contact. 

Informed Consent:   It is required at time of contact to store yours or your loved one's minimal personal information you submit via this website, and also prior to treatment provision at the time of admission and assessment takes place, on first appointments.  Also at the time of re-admission.  This is a requirement before Supernurse Private Duty RN can securely and in strict confidence, store the information; or in the case of care provision, do any direct care with a Patient.  

If calling to book an appointment, your consent will be requested and required to store those minimal personal details on the appointment site 'Square', that is utilized via this website, in order to book the appointment.

The minimal personal information you submit:  Will not be shared out or sold to any one or anywhere else on doing so. It is going directly to the Supernurse private duty RN business owner in strict confidence. Information is kept secure, and will be deleted at the time a client chooses to not be a client any longer for what ever the reason may be, on the square website account this uses.  The next paragraph applies for a client's personal information, or hard copy demographic and admission data.

Confidentiality of client's personal information, data, strictly maintained: ongoing and indefinitely.  Both verbally and physically.  All medical documentation is the property of Supernurse Private Duty RN business owner, which is properly securely locked and retained in accordance with the law; and is destroyed in accordance with the law after ten years after care ends, or ten years after a minors eighteenth birthday.  Only in a court of law or when legally obligated, would it have to be disclosed. (Source: CNO)

As a Registered Nurse  I have a legal duty to maintain strict confidentiality ongoing on patients and their families such as when they are making the appointment or when they are the client's POA.   This includes both written, or if verbally, or both.  Nothing is disclosed without a client's consent, except when she has a legal duty to do so, or in a court of law when legally obligated to do so.

Also on booking an appointment directly via this website, and Square via the 'booking an appointment',  you are allowing and facilitating appointment reminders directly to come to you via email and mobile text message prior to your appointment.

Sharing of personal information:  Clients information, only after a verbal or written consent, or both is given by the client or their POA if they are mentally challenged and unable to do so themselves, shared to the Supernurse Private Duty RN business owner and sole proprietor, and will only be shared with the multidisciplinary health care team, that is; the client's doctor if a referral is needed, e.g on noticing an infection, or any other health concern that the clients doctor must be made aware of.  It is also for optimum care and safety of the client.  It may also include the Pharmacist if e.g. a blister pack is required or if the service provider notices a medication safety concern that needs to be addressed.  As a Nurse, there is a legal duty to ensure client safety and to act on it accordingly.

Access to information:  Only the patient it concerns, and the owner of Supernurse Private Duty RN business has access to the information that concerns the client, unless the POA is the decision maker due to the client being mentally incapable to do so.  The only other time is as stated on this page, when legally obligated to do so.  On requesting the information, it will be responded to in a timely manner as per the law. 

Consent: Verbal, written, or both, at the point of admission is to be gained from the client, or the POA when the client is incapable to do so; to share with the health care team that is or is to be involved with the client in order to get their needs met, on any health care concerns or referrals to them. 

Documentation: Admission and assessments. Any care and treatment.  Follow ups.  Referrals. Action taken, will always be documented by the owner of Supernurse Private Duty RN in strict confidence, and retained in confidence and with proper record keeping as per this confidentiality policy.

Referrals to other practitioners:   The owner of Supernurse Private Duty RN will give the patient; or the POA if the patient is mentally unable to do so, a podiatrist or Chiropododist or related foot practitioners full contact details to book their own appointment. Or via an informed consent by email referral directly, when advocating for the client.

For all other referrals:  It will be via the patient's doctor, via a letter that the patient or their POA takes to them.  The service provider will make a follow up appointment with the patient, or via the POA when necessary, to read a doctors response and follow up on that.  The service provider, Supernurse Private Duty RN contact details will also be on the doctors letter.

Your legal rights are not affected.


This privacy notice discloses the privacy practices for:


This privacy notice applies solely to information collected by this website.  It notifies you of the following:

What personally identifiable information is collected from you via the website.  How it is used and whom it may be shared with.  What choices are available to you regarding use of your data.  The security procedures in place to protect misuse of your information.  How you can correct any inaccuracy of information.


We are the sole owners of the information collected on this site.  We only have access to collect information you willingly consent to share to us securely, encrypted via email and via 'booking an appointment' that lets you book your own appointment, and sends you reminders before the appointment the day before via email, and two hours before the appointment via text message on your phone.  We do not sell or rent this information to anyone.
We will use your information to respond to you regarding the service you require or regarding the enquiry you have, or if an appointment needed to be changed in extreme situations only.  


You can opt out of any future contact from us at any time.  

You can, by contacting us by phone or email:

Find out what data we have stored on you.
Change or amend any data stored on you.
Delete data on you. Express concern on any data held on you.


We take precautions to protect your information when ever you submit sensitive information via this website.  Your information is protected both online and off line.   Whenever we collect sensitive information such as credit card data, that information is encrypted and transmitted to us in a secure way.  You can verify this by looking for a lock icon on the address bar and looking for 'Https' at the beginning of the address on the website page address bar.  

While we use only encryption to protect sensitive information transmitted online, we also protect you information off line.  Only the owner of the business who needs the information to perform a specific role, e.g. customer service is granted access to personally identifiable information.  The computers/ servers of which we store personally identifiable information is kept in a secure environment.  

If you feel that we are not abiding to this privacy policy, you must contact us immediately via telephone at (289) 990 3831 or by emailing


In order to use this website, a user must first complete the registration form. During registration a user is required to give certain information, such as name and email address. This information is used to contact you about the services on our site in which you have expressed interest. 


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All materials provided on the Supernurse Private Duty RN website are protected by copyright and federal and provincial laws of intellectual property.  No logo, image, audio or video file, or text information may be copied or re-transmitted from the website without the express written permission of the Supernurse Private Duty RN business and website owner.
To obtain such permission, please contact via phone or email.

Changes to these Statements

Supernurse Private Duty RN reserves the right to make changes to these Privacy and Legal Statements from time to time as required without notice.